Patrick BMW Collision Center Manager Uses 
CCC ONE® Three Different Ways

Date: October 2019
Written By: Autobody News Staff

Trent Jensen, the shop manager at Patrick BMW Collision Center in Schaumburg, IL, located 32 miles outside of Chicago, surely has no issues when it comes to multi-tasking. In addition to managing a crew of 22 collision professionals that repair approximately 220 cars every month, Jensen is an I-CAR instructor and teaches a series of Continued Education (CE) classes for insurance adjustors year round.

Jensen uses CCC ONE® in three ways--to keep his shop running on all cylinders, as well as to educate techs and insurance adjustors in his classrooms.

Patrick BMW Collision Center (a part of the Patrick Dealer Group) is fully geared for aluminum repairs and certified to fix BMWs, MINIs, Cadillacs, Volvos, Jaguars, Land Rovers, Hyundais, and Genesis. If any Patrick Dealer sells a nameplate, they're able to fix it along with any brand that comes their way.

Jensen, 55, is grateful for the new technology that makes his job easier and his crew more efficient. Things were not that way when he entered the industry at age 25, he said. "My father-in-law had a body shop and one day he offered me a job as an estimator. Back then, we had to write all of the estimates by hand, which was difficult and time consuming."

One piece of modern technology Jensen and his crew rely on every day is CCC ONE®. Jensen said CCC ONE® is great, because of it's capabilities--managing parts electronically and automating the entire procurement and tracking processes from start to finish. The crew at Patrick BMW Collision Center is able to receive live quotes, purchase parts on the spot and receive electronic invoices through CCC ONE® seamlessly.

In a high-production environment, CCC ONE® is like an additional employee who works quickly and is smart, Jensen said. "It allows us to save at least 15 hours every week and eliminate errors that we used to encounter. With so many jobs and the associated parts, it's a huge undertaking and that's why we need to get the right part the first time. One missing part or inaccurate order can set us back several days. With CCC ONE®, we get direct access to our parts suppliers, and can automatically apply our supplier's preferences and do the quotes or parts orders the way our insurance partners want."

When orders are confirmed, supplier invoices flow back through the CCC® Repair Workflow management system, which completely strips out the need for manually entering any data on the back-end, Jensen explained. "If we can avoid inputting parts numbers, that is important, because that's when mistakes can happen. With CCC ONE®, everything is organized and it's easy to navigate through. To get into another program, we do it tab-to-tab, which saves time."

Assistant Manager Tim Odachowski at Patrick BMW Collision Center uses 
CCC ONE every day to the point where they call it "an additional employee".

At Patrick BMW Collision Center, Jensen has his parts manager, production manager and three of his estimators trained and adept at using CCC ONE® and its Repair Workflow feature. When anyone encounters issues or has any questions, CCC ONE® is always poised and prepared to help Jensen and his crew.

"The customer service is over the top, because it's easy to access and their information is always on the money," he said. "Most of the problems we have are on our end and the tech folks at CCC are usually able to solve them within minutes. Our CCC rep Eric Christiansen is extremely responsive and they also have talented technical people on their team."

In addition to streamlining every aspect of the parts game, Jensen also calls upon every capability featured within the program, he said. We use it for scheduling and tracking every aspect of our production. In most cases, the car comes in and we are able to set up the timeline, write the estimate and start ordering the parts needed for the repair immediately. The vehicle has been here less than a few hours and we already have everything in the works."

Jensen relies on CCC ONE® every day to run a world-class operation that works primarily on high-end vehicles. But, he also uses it as a teaching tool as he plays two different roles for I-CAR and CE classes, he said.

"I realized four years ago when I began as an I-CAR instructor that there was a lot of information and knowledge on CCC ONE® that was ideal for my students. I teach ten different classes for I-CAR and I can safely say that CCC ONE® can be used to educate techs, estimators and painters."

Jensen utilizes CCC ONE® in the classroom as he continues to teach insurance adjustors through CE classes.

"We get ten-30 agents every class and I often use CCC ONE® to impart information and show them things about how we process vehicles, acquire parts and generate production and scheduling reports. We discuss topics such as crash-worthiness, new repair techniques, airbags, computer systems and others and CCC ONE® often plays a part."


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 Shop Manager Trent Jensen at Patrick BMW Collision Center uses CCC ONE as a tool as a teacher for I-CAR and Continued Education classes for insurance adjustors.

 Patrick BMW Collision Center uses literally every capability featured in CCC ONE.