Whether you've been struck with a big block of masonry that fell on your parked car and now you've got a gaping hole in your windshield, (Groan!) or a bit of flying debris smacked into your windshield when you were "doing 100" on 290 and now it has a small crack, (Sigh!) the Patrick Collision Centers can fix it or replace it.

Windshields are specially designed to provide structural support for the vehicle as well as to stand up to the stress of traveling on highways, but damage does inevitably occur. Windshields are actually made up of two layers of glass which sandwich an inner layer of automotive safety glass. This inner layer, called the lamination, serves to hold together the broken outer layers in the event of an accident. This is why windshields crack when struck by objects, yet do not fall apart and cave in upon the driver in most everyday circumstances.

Should I Repair or Replace My Damaged Windshield?

In general, most chips and cracks can be repaired, but it always depends upon four factors: the size, type, depth, and location of the damage. Results will vary based on age, amount of contamination, location & the severity of the damage.

A qualified auto glass repair technician must evaluate a number of factors before deciding whether your windshield is repairable. Each case is assessed on an individual basis, and a determination is made based on the technician's own skill with equipment, the expectations of the customer, and the probability of a high-quality repair.

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